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A Modernized Fresh New Look

Company Intranet Concepts

Hilliard Lyons' intranet site was severely outdated and in dire need of a facelift. Not only was a facelift necessary, but technology has evolved quite a bit since the last design. The previous site was static, unattractive and no longer met the needs of the employees.

The objective was to create an easily navigable UI. In addition, provide users with company-wide or specific departmental information. Proper tools, functionality, and accessibility to complete tasks are also a key facet of the objective.

Early in the design process I interviewed various employees asking them about their likes and dislikes of the current site. It was a struggle for them to find many things they liked about the site. However, they had no trouble listing what they do not like. I also asked them about their specific job, how the intranet fits into their daily routine, and what information they search for that pertains to their job and/or personal use.

Next, I talked to management. Many of my questions were similar to the questions I posed to the employees. The common complaint from both employees and management about the site is the inability to perform a search. Also, to cut down on Info-clutter and cognitive load, the site needs to be “smarter.” Users will have access to much of the same information and tools seen by everyone, but each department is unique and should have access to certain items or what’s relevant or viewable to their department only. Some members of management was also interested in giving the site "Sharepoint-ish" capabilities. Such as the ability to store and retrieve files utilizing the UI.

After several meetings and interviews, I developed a persona and drew out a storyboard to take into the next meeting. Shortly after, I was able to come up with some sketches, followed by wireframes and finally some prototypes to show.

Unfortunately this project was temporarily put on freeze due to the company transition. I was no longer with the company to see it fully implemented. However I'm proud of the work and ideas I brought to the table that helped initiate it.


Sorry, no prototype.
Due to very strict company regulations, I'm very limited on the content I'm allowed to share.