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Account Number Switcheroo

Account Number Lookup

Although the design is the most simplified, it is one of the most important applications I’ve worked on at Hilliard Lyons.

The company just experienced a major transition. To make the company more lean and efficient, some services offered as a financial firm are being farmed out to a partner company. As a result of this partnership, data transfer is going to take place (account numbers and information). Because both companies have different ways of handling data, transferring these accounts meant that all new account numbers had to be issued. We also had to keep track of the old account numbers as well.

FC’s (Financial Consultants), Operations department and other authorized users must have a way to cross-reference new account numbers with the original account numbers. My objective on this project was to make this UI straight to the point and minimal. This is not as easy as it sounds. Many people within the company wanted their input to be included into the project. With so many additional opinions and fingerprints being added onto the project, more confusion than clarity was the result. What should’ve been a simple interface devolved into a feature-heavy and cluttered application. One thing we knew overall was users of this application would vary and have slightly different backgrounds. However, there is one common goal: to retrieve an old or new account number. It is unwarranted and unnecessary to add so many extra features and/or buttons.

After several meetings, we agreed to keep it minimal. I spoke to more potential users, making sure I had a crystal clear understanding of the purpose of cross-referencing account numbers, and the different scenarios that would be necessary. In addition, I observed them while working to see first-hand their way of cross-referencing, which usually consisted of opening two different applications.

The end result… a KEEP IT SIMPLE design layout. After creating sketches, wireframes and a clickable prototype using iRise, we could finally move forward. I created the front-end using Visual Studio while working closely with back-end developers.

What made the design a success?

Pre-transition and post-transition, this application has been heavily used company-wide.


Sorry, no prototype.
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