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A Fresh New Look

Website Redesign and Rebrand

Unlimited Possibilities is a multi-service provider that serves individuals with developmental disabilities.

They assist participants by providing meals, assisting with basic housekeeping chores, administering medication, assisting in increasing their community involvement, serving as advocates for their clients, and assisting with personal care. Unlimited Possibilities also assist with personal skills development and independent living development.

Logo Redesign

Normally I try not to mix things like logo design with topics about UI or UX. However, the design of the logo combined with a new branding and business strategy was a factor in the new website layout

The original logo was successful. It had a strong presence, very simplified and it conveyed the story of Unlimited Possibilities (UP).

The company has seen adequate growth in the last few years and was in dire need a fresh new look. The original website was not responsive, severely outdated and needed an overhaul to the user interface and user experience. Also, the company now offer more services and this needed to be conveyed within their logo without deviating too far from the original design.

Two of Unlimited Possibilities’ core services are personal skills development and independent living development. The original logo depicts an up-facing arrow, which is a symbol of progress and advancement... “The sky is the limit.” This arrow can also be depicted as a home or shelter. The acronym “UP” also plays into the design as well.


We switched to a more “friendly” color palette and font. Particularly, colors that are most likely seen within the healthcare industry. Previously, the bright red and yellow screamed, “Here we are... We exist!” With the new color palette and font, we wanted to say, “We are friendly, loving, and will take care of the ones you love.” Also, the contour is softer, contain softer edges and a little more streamlined.

One of the newer services provided is transportation, and UP wanted the new logo to “drive” this message. As said before, UP is an acronym of the company’s name. Using the periods normally used in acronyms as a way to express mobility seemed like the most simplified, obvious thing to do.

As a result they have a new logo that tells their story, the type of service they provide and the direction they are going as a company.

Website Redesign

The original website was in dire need of a change. It was not set-up as a responsive site, having a very awkward clunky performance on tablets and mobile devices. The navigation buttons were a little dated and didn’t make it very easy for the user to get around.

Must Haves


No Hamburger?

If you viewed the site on a mobile device, you may have noticed the navigation doesn’t switch to a hamburger style menu. This was not an accident, not laziness, it was by design. Although everyone uses the hamburger, it’s not the best way to show navigation. The only benefit is that it takes up less space, and if not careful, it can very easily becomes a “junk drawer.” A place where all of our main links and “step-child” links get jumbled together. An annoyance users have about “junk drawer” nav menus is that if you click on a link that takes you to the wrong page, you have to click on the menu again, wait for it to pop up and click another link... “repeat and rinse” until you get the right page. So as long as there was room, I decided to keep the navigation consistent to the desktop. Our main links remain visible at all times. No reason to make the user work more if we don’t have to.

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