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Empowering Students to Empower the World

Empower Education Overview

This app is a personal project of mine, and is currently a work in progress. It is the first of several iterations. The app is geared towards education, connecting students, teachers, faculty, and parents together while galvanizing communication: the result being a sense of community and collaboration. Unlike other apps that have similar functionality, it should go beyond classroom management. This app will also address issues that create a disconnect between students, teachers, faculty, and parents. Essentially, it will address the pain points of most applications currently used.

To better understand the potential users and explore their needs, case studies were performed. Interviews were conducted, and data was gathered from Students, teachers and parents.

The App will keep parents and students in the loop about the student's grades and their progress. Displayed will be the student’s current GPA, individual class grades and assignments. This will allow easier access to contacting the teacher directly within the app, or requesting a tutor if grade falls below a certain score. (requesting a tutor depends on the school’s policy, or if access to a tutor is possible)

Students will have the ability to open and complete assignments within the app directly from their mobile device if necessary. This ability addresses the issue for students in schools without the funding to provide access to the needed tech and/or equipment to go around.

The app also will be customizable match each school's identity (colors etc.). This gives a sense of individuality, school pride and ownership of the app. A feeling of "This is ours."

I am very excited about this project and will be posting updates regularly as progress continues. A version for teachers and parents will be created as well.


Rick McCray

Rick is a senior at Doss HighSchool. He's highly involved and active with sports and several other extra curricular activities. He has a 3.6 GPA and is a fairly good student. He can be a little disorganized and tends to forget to submit his online assignments every once in a while. When his grades start to decline, his parents usually have to ban TV and video games to get him back on track. He is a computer code fanatic and often creates his own games. While sick last week, it would've been nice to be able to complete assignments from his mobile device to prevent falling behind. With Rick being so involved in so many activities, and due to his absent-mindedness, getting reminders along with school notifications pushed to both his mobile device and watch would be an essential tool for him.

Tina Smith

Tina is a junior at West Sunnydale High School. She has a 1.7 GPA and tends to miss a lot of assignments. She lives with her mother, who is a cashier at a nearby gas station. In most cases, her mother won't get home until later because she often finds herself being forced to work a double shift. When Tina gets home from school, she completes the list of chores her mother wrote on a piece of notebook paper. They don't have internet service in their apartment. If they can't somehow snag an open wifi signal from a nearby neighbor, getting homework done is out of the question. There's another issue that complicates things for Tina. Her high school is severely under-funded lacking the necessary tools for student success. They have requested more "tech" and more equipment many times but has been ignored. Her science class often find themselves not having enough tablets or desktop computers to go around. Having overworked, stressed out teachers, she finds herself not getting adequate help with assignments and has developed a bit of an "I don't care" attitude. Fortunately, she has an iPhone 7 Plus. The ability to complete school assignments on her mobile device would be the perfect solution for someone in Tina's predicament.

Must Haves

Pain points and Challenges

Things To Keep In Mind

The Watch Design

Why It's Necessary

It's important to keep in mind that this app is to give students who attend under-funded schools a bit more leverage. Also let's keep in mind that this app can be a great supplement regardless of the student's background. A lot of these students may not have Apple Watches, but some will, so it is important to design with wearable tech in mind. Just as it was roughly ten years ago, responsive design was rarely used. Now, because of the our transition towards mobile devices, most of us rarely use a desktop computer. Wearable tech will follow the same suit as it becomes more popular and cheaper.

Design Overview

Additional Sources




Rough User Flow Sketches

Detailed Notification Flow

Detailed Messages Flow

Detailed Assignment Completion Flow

Mood Board

Apple Watch Rough Wireframes

Rough Wireframes

Visual Design Mockups

iPad Views

Demos and Prototypes

Apple Watch Demo

View GPA and Grades


Calendar and Assignments

Profile, Notifications and Camera

Download the Apple Watch prototype here. (approx. 2mb)
Download the iPhone prototype here. (approx. 32mb)
(You will need to download Principle Mirror from the App Store - IOS only.)