As a UI/UX Designer, my work is focused on solving "user problems." I execute the design of applications used company-wide utilizing the most widely used software brands and platforms. Able to take a project from storyboards to wireframes... from wireframes to prototype... and from prototype to front-end development. Always striving to put the user first in order to compose the best overall user experience possible. Very resourceful skill-set while strong on the creative side.

Picasso once said, "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child". Design at times can be very structured and dogmatic. We forget how to think outside the box and your creative process becomes stifled. Creating a proper balance is what I always strive to do.

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Empower Education App

Public schools in many states face a lot of uphill challenges. This app is a personal project of mine, and is currently a work in progress. It is the first of several iterations. The app is geared towards education, connecting students, teachers, faculty, and parents together while galvanizing communication: the result being a sense of community, school pride and collaboration. Unlike other apps that have similar functionality, it must go beyond classroom management. This app will also address issues that create a disconnect between students, teachers, faculty, and parents. Essentially, it will address the pain points of most applications currently used.

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Unlimited Possibilities Website and Rebrand

Unlimited Possibilities is a multi-service provider that serves individuals with developmental disabilities.

They assist participants by providing meals, assisting with basic housekeeping chores, administering medication, assisting in increasing their community involvement, serving as advocates for their clients, and assisting with personal care. Unlimited Possibilities also assist with personal skills development and independent living development.

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Hilliard Lyons P.A.R.

Personnel Action Request application. Employment statuses are constantly changing, and that’s where the P.A.R. form comes in. Hilliard Lyons needed a form that could be quick and easy for management to fill out and send thru the chain of command when an employee’s status change.

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Hilliard Lyons Account Lookup

Although the design is the most simplified, this is probably one of the most important applications I’ve worked on at Hilliard Lyons.

Our company just went thru a major transition. In order to make the company more lean and efficient, some of the services the company offer as a financial firm is being farmed out to a partner company. That means the sharing and transfer of data, such as account information and account numbers. Because both companies have different ways of handling data, transferring these accounts meant that they all had to be given new account numbers. We also had to keep track of the old account numbers as well.

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Hilliard Lyons Intranet Concepts

Hilliard Lyons’ intranet site was severely outdated and was in dire need of a facelift. Not only was a facelift necessary, but the company changed quite a bit since the first design. The site was very static and no longer met the needs of the employees.

The objective was to create a UI that that’s easy to navigate, provide the users with not only company-wide or specific departmental information, but also the proper tools, functionality, and accessibility to complete various tasks.

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